Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another day, another way.

Time is slowly flowing down the river of life and it seems some days that the river is frozen, it is January and the temperature has been below freezing for a week straight. Writing inspiration can come from any direction even the downward spiral of mercury.
Climbing has been put on hold sence the little incident on Little Mac although Dan Gregory and I did spend a Saturday morning a couple weeks ago on Baldy, a little hill north of Boise off of Highway 21. The conditions were very windy and it made for an interesting few hours. At the summit we experienced the full brunt of the wind with a pounding of up to 50 mph (sustained). The wind combined with the cold made any exposed skin freeze in seconds. Needless to say I didn't take any pictures and my hands stayed nice and toasty in my mitts.
I have been teaching Sunday school ofr the 16 year olds at church an must say it has been a great class the kids are well mannered and eager to learn. We are studding the 1st Nephi visions (chapters 11-15) and we have been able cover most of the material very thoroughly with a seemingly constant spirit.
The monkeys Aisling, Brenna, and Rowan are in a constant state of "mine", I cant quite remember being 5 and so have no personal reference so I am not sure if its normal for kids to bicker so much between each other, but man! every five seconds it somebody else's turn for a full and massive melt down because " I had that first"! ( and to think we are bringing another one of these monkeys on line next month) On Saturday I took them out to play in the snow, we got all bundeled up and went out into the crisp air. The girls were making snow angels and chasing the dog around, and I was feeling like an old fuddy duddy stomping my feet to keep warm and ever so often saying "are you girls ready for some grilled cheese and hot cocoa"? "No way Dad this is fun"! Needless to say it was fun to watch them having fun and before I knew it 2 hours of frozen January river had drifted by, now its Sunday and tomorrow back to work. I guess the lesson is enjoy life when you can even if you have to stomp your feet to keep warm because it could be Monday morning.