Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still Sunday

Yup, its still Sunday. Some weekends seem to fly and you never have enough time to get everything accomplished that you would like, but this weekend went pretty smooth and there was even enough time for a Sunday afternoon nap!
I have been working allot on the house and this Saturday was no exception. We made the five minute drive over to the local Lowe's home improvement store and spent 2 hours getting fencing materials new blinds and a ceiling fan. Most of the 2 hours was spent in line. Then back to the homestead to set fence posts. My good friend Joel dedicated a couple hours to the cause and we were able to set about 7 posts. I will put the chain link up sometime later this week. It seems that most everything is coming together and the house should be close to being finished in about a month.
Next Chally's family came over and we did family pictures all evening. There seemed like there were a million people running around an most of them were kids. She does have 5 siblings and about 20 kids between us all. We started taking pictures, individual, family's, and group photos about 5pm and surprise we didn't finish till 10pm. The real kicker most everyone came and had not eaten dinner first. It was major mayhem and I wasn't about to feed 50 people, so we suffered through the grumpy kids and even worse adults (Jason, Jeremy, and Melissa) and were able to get some good pictures of every one.
So back to the Laboratory tomorrow and teeth, teeth, and more teeth. It should be a productive week and it is the end of the month, so I need to finish some cases to make sure they are billed into April and not May.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ode to Long Duty

Last week my climbing partner and long time friend Dan Gregory moved to California to pursue a better career. I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy because for the last few years Dan has been taken advantage of by his old employer, who happens to be my old employer. So I sympathize. In many ways he was my mentor in the arts of dental technology and many of the techniques I use I owe to him. He taught me when others shirked their responsibilities.
But I am also sad. We had many exciting experiences ( see near death on little Mac)in the mountains and his drive to climb always led the way and inspired me to push onto new heights.
Thanks Dan for your friendship, I hope you soon get tired of those 14 thousand footers in Cali and feel the need for Idaho fresh air.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lachlan is here!

Oops, I think it has been about 3 months since my last post, as you might have guessed I am also about as good at keeping a journal. Allot has transpired in the interim, like the birth of Lachlan Jack Grisham, can't believe the fourth monkey is here! (Don't worry Brad Pitt there most likely won't be 12). He is a healthy happy little boy, he smiles coos and Challis said he even laughed the other day. Pretty good for a 8 week old monkey, pretty soon he will be climbing trees and cutting down bananas for his fat old silver backed dad.
Work at the Laboratory has picked up quite a bit, and this year looks like it will shape up to be good financially. We about starved over the winter. It was slower than I had ever seen it, and our saving were completely drained. Part of the reason was the new house we purchased. It costs us about 2x as much as our old one per month. So we have decided to try our luck with the market and put this new one up for sale. It has some equity in it and that is the principle reason we bought it in the first place. We have put about 30K into it so I am hoping we will make out like bandits and get it back.
We had the driveway paved today, ya thats right asphalt, I know no one wants pavement for a driveway but its 5000 sq. feet and if you figure that in concrete it would have cost us over 20k to do it in cement. So pavement it is, I am pretty excited because it adds allot to the value of the house and there isn't so much dirt to get in the house and on the garage floor now. It will stay more like Du lac "vedy clean".
The work outs have been going good , I have been keeping track of them on it is a blog to post workouts and see what other people are doing to stay in shape. When I started about 6 weeks ago I was 196lbs and not in very good shape at all. On Tuesday I weighed in at 183lbs and have gained alot in strength and definition. All my goals are posted on the You can look my page up under agrisham if your interested.