Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rock Stars

Here are some picture of the Rock Stars

The hurricane comes home to the range

OK the person who first said "when it rains it pours" must not have been through a hurricane. I think they missed out on the gale force winds and the lightening and thunder. Its probably not good to start blogging by wining, but I don't care. So here is the first little cloud burst of the day, I got to work and realizing there was a mountain of things in front of me I dug in and started shoveling the s*@% ( that's short for "stuff")...(honestly). Then I got one of those great phone calls saying Mr. Grisham you have insufficient funds in your bank account and your overdrawn and need to come down to the bank and put money in your account or we will charge you a hundred million dollars in late fees, thank you for banking with us :) Here came the real torrent! So I left my mountain of "stuff" and went down to fix the issue with my account and low and behold there was something else wrong on my account, the equity line we are using to fund the remodel of the monster house has been changed without notice. Now instead of having $145,000 credit limit they cut our loan $45,000 !!! wow would you look at that that is $100,000 less than we were approved for. I didn't know that they could just offer you a loan with a certain approval and then change their minds after the loan was in affect. So here I am sitting in the bank with Miss smiley banker choking on the fact that her establishment just royally screwed me. I have thousands of dollars on credit cards from house renovation costs waiting to be paid off by the now gone equity line. She was a really good actor and seemed more upset and than I was, and I didn't even have to show her how pissed I really was. There was no yelling, throwing of chairs or even dirty looks. But I tell you what I will never bank with Washington Mutual or City Bank for the rest of my life. Those people can rot in hell. What a load of "stuff" :)