Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Corporate America

Maybe making teeth isn't so bad
Today I had an interview with a dental supply company, business has been really slow over the last few months and so I though I would just test the waters of employment. It was like diving into a 5 gallon bucket of ice. cold and shallow. I guess after being self employed for the last 4 years there isn't much of a sycophant left in this old dog. New tricks sound sound like more head aches. Hum maybe making teeth isn't that boring?
For mutual we took the young men out to the army base and got a tour of the helicopter hanger. It was like my mostest ultimate dream, hellfire missiles and 30mm machine guns (600 rounds per minute). I was blown away by all the cool gadgetry and massive fire power. We got to stand next to two Apache helicopters as they landed and taxied to park and we even got to look through a real set of night vision goggles! The pilots was like "don't drop those they cost about 6000 dollars".
So here I am jaw dropped like a kid in a candy store with golden ticket and I hear one of the kids say "this isn't as cool as Halo", and another kid says (they just happen to be brothers) "Ya I have already seen this stuff before" and lets out a big sigh of lets go already. Well I told those boys "quit sleep walking and look around at life, honestly there is more out there than Halo". Well as you can imagine I got the look that only a 14 year old can give that says " you really are old aren't you". If that's what it means to be old well then bring it on.
I was very impressed by the people that are part of our military and the job they do, and I stand beside them, I ain't no loyal subject to the crown.

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Farmer Joe said...

Bro, sorry to hear that times are bad enough to have you looking for a job. You gotta keep that dream alive man!